Instagram and Social Media Promotional Videos and Web Promos
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High End Promotional Videos for Social Media

Are You Getting Noticed?

Is your business getting the exposure it rightfully deserves? Is your external image where it needs to be? How’s your foot traffic, day-to-day? These are all questions you should be asking yourself when it comes to your business.


But with Scali Media, based in Monmouth County, New Jersey, we’ll help you bridge the gap and get noticed. Scali Media is proud to offer you and your organization the options you deserve to get on your feet and going. We offer a suite of services that will hone in your image, brand, and goals.

Don’t Go Unnoticed Any Longer – Scali Media Brings Your Company Image to the Forefront


With the majority of consumers turning to the Internet and social media before they decide to make a purchase, you really have to recognize the weight of your company website and social media profiles. But if you’re not that savvy on the Internet or managing profile pages, you don’t need to sweat it!

So come get noticed with us at Scali Media.

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At Scali Media, we keep our fingers on the pulse of all of the latest trends in social media, film, and photography. By partnering up, we can give your place of business the external look that it deserves. Some of these include services new websites with clean and strategic content, Instagram videos, promotional photography, and much more.

  • Fast Lenses

    We use High End fast lenses that are excellent in all lighting conditions

  • HD Video

    1080p? 4K? We've got you covered with top tier professional equipment

  • Turn Around Time

    Waiting is a thing of the past. Our quick workflow means stellar turn around time

  • Striking Video

    Slow motion, speed ramps and quick cuts, your music video style promotional video will even have DJ Khaled impressed

  • Get Noticed

    Increase follows on Instagram, audience on Facebook and brand awareness

Let us help increase your brand awareness. Subscriptions start at $499


See for yourself what makes our high end promotional videos so unique.

A video posted by Scalimedia (@scalimedia) on

A video posted by Scalimedia (@scalimedia) on

A video posted by Scalimedia (@scalimedia) on

A video posted by Scalimedia (@scalimedia) on

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